Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Vista Theater - Udonthani, Thailand

Not quite as dramatic a place as the Amporn (prior post), theVista Theater nonetheless dominates the city scape from its corner perch across from the open space of Tung Sri Meuang Park.

The Vista was the brain child of a local medical doctor, Dr. Sukum, who from what I gathered had a sort of celebrity status in the Udon of yesteryear. In its hay day, the Vista was an all out entertainment complex, complete with a bowling alley on the second floor. It must have been a real hoot.

But as with all the great theaters, the Vista lingers on listlessly as a shell of its former self, withering away year in and year out, through pounding rain and blazing sun, until the cold hand of economy decides it fate. With any luck, that cold hand will be full of cash and attached to a warm heart.

Entrance to the lobby.

Wasn't able to get an exact DOB, but I think it was sometime in the late 50's early 60's. Don't quote me on that.

The trash strewn lobby still contains a sign with movie show times. Notice that the last show of the day was at 24:00 -- a mid-night special.

Take a good look, the Vista is wonderful!

20-plus years have passed since its been vacant, I was told.


  1. i think you are correct at least 10 years that i am aware of but i guess it will not be long until they do something with it
    udon thani is changing very fast check out my blog on udon thani see you around
    regards john

  2. I'm not familiar enough with Udon to know what changes are occurring there, but I know there was one more theater which was still standing until literally days before I got there in mid-March. I believe it was on Udondusadee Rd., just off of the fountain circle.

  3. i don't remember the place but i find that the only way to really see everywhere in the city is buy bicycle udon thani and every other place in the world changes so fast its hard to keep up

  4. Plans are afoot to revive Udon Thani's 50-year-old cinema, a symbol of the city's boom years in the 60s and 70s

  5. Vista dates to 1967. See