Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Hunting, we shall go"

I'll be back at the home base shortly. Currently in Nan province, northern Thailand in search of the remnants of cinemadom. Really, there are only remnants here, but interesting all the same. Tomorrow I should be Payao-bound if all goes as planned.


  1. Dude, loving this blog. Really beautiful. Sad too. It makes me miss the movie theatre and remember all the great times I had going to the real ones.

  2. I'm truely touched that you are. I miss them too, believe.

    Right now I'm in the little town of Payao, where the Payao Rama Theater is on it's last legs. They still show movies, but only on the weekends.

  3. Hey Projectionist,

    I've just come across your website, but I live and work in Isaan. I travel a lot around the region as part of my job, and I feel inspired to help with any information about old theaters. Let me know if you want any research help or tips on old theaters.

    Bennett Haynes

  4. I appreciate that Bennett. I enjoy the traveling aspect of this as much as anything else, but on a few occasions my trips have ended up devoid of movie theaters. If you happen to find an old gem somewhere I'd happy to know of its location. But, of course, feel free to undertake any research you may want, as well.

    You can contact me