Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PSA for The Amarin Theater -- Loei, Thailand

With political tensions on the rise once again in Thailand's capital, wouldn't it be nice for all you politically unaffiliated Bangkokians to escape the potential carnage and take a trip up to the provinces? If you concur, why not hop on a bus to the idyllic province of Loei.

The Loei countryside is brimming with natural wonders, like Phu Kradeung and Phu Reua mountains -- just aching for your concrete-weary feet to traipse along their slopes. Or venture down to the charmingly rustic riverside town of Chiang Khan, where the mighty Mekong first reconnects with the Thai border after a long journey through the Lao hinterlands.

If it's entertainment you seek, look no further than Loei City, where you can take in a flick at the beautiful Amarin Theater, Loei's last and only movie theater. For just 60 baht you can slump down comfortably in the cushy plushness of the Amarin's recently upgraded seats and release you mind with a bit of projected bedazzlement.

The Amarin Theater, in the heart of Loei City.

Relax contemplatively in the well-maintained lobby...

...where stylish 1970's design will bring a twinkle to your eye.

Enjoy some snacks from the concession stand.

Red and Yellow got you down? Don't take sides, take it easy.

Back the blue -- The Amarin Theater: proudly serving the people of Loei since 1977.

(Amarin tranlates to the god "Indra")


  1. It would be a memorable experience to see A Moment in June (Na Khanarak - ณ ขณะรัก) in a setting like that. The movie is partly set in the 1970s, and has a cinema as one of its backdrops.

    My Bloody Valentine 3D or Underworld 3 would be equally great in a place like that though.

  2. I was hoping to see it, but I just didn't have the time. Regretfully, the Amarin is the only still operating single screener that I've encountered that I didn't watch a movie in. The manager, however, was kind enough to give me a tour. It's auditorium has been very nicely remodeled. Very comfortable place to watch a movie.

  3. where is the Suwanrama Theater at CHIANG KHAN , LOEI ?

  4. COMING SOON: The Suwanrama Theater, Chiang Khan, Loei