Sunday, May 2, 2010

The ones who make it happen: a May Day special

Once again, planet Earth has done its orbital duty, spinning us around to that annual celebration of hard working people the world over - May Day. In honor of this May Day, or International Labor Day, or whatever you choose to call it depending on where you're from, the SEA Theater Project is posting and re-posting photos of all the movie theater employees met during the last year. Often overlooked or behind the scenes, these are the people who make watching films on the big screen a reality. From ticket sellers to projectionists, sign painters to general managers, their labor allows us to enjoy our leisure. Chances are, while you're out taking in a movie over this extended Labor Day weekend, they're toiling away so it can happen.

Ticket seller/general manager at the BMC Daokhanong Cinema, Mr. Somsak

Ticket seller/general manager of the now-demolished Asia Rama - Mr. Narong

Ticket seller/projectionist at the Chinatown Rama - a "cruising" theater.

Ticket seller at the Chalerm P. Theater

Ticket seller at the Det Udom Mini Theater

Concessionaire at the BMC Daokhanong Cinema

Tickets and concessions at the Scala

Nid, the ticket taker at the now-destroyed Mongkol Rama

Nui, the ticket taker at the Chalerm P. Theater

Wearing the brown shirt, sitting in the background is the ticket taker at the Asia Rama (now destroyed). Sitting to his right is a film distributor for Nakorn Luang Distribution

Ticket taker/usher at the Amarin Theater in Loei.

Ticket takers from the Toan Thang Cinema in Saigon - that's Thuy on the right.

The projectionist at the Mongkol Rama

The projectionist at the Pyramid Theater in Ban Phai, Khon Kaen

Mr. Anisek, the film distributor working for Nakorn Laung Distribution, counting theater patrons at the Mongkol Rama.

Noppadol Rattanaboonsin, general manager at the porn-showing Hawaii Theater

The caretaker at Pak Chong's Chalerm P. Theater, painting over an old movie poster.

Mr. Somboon, the billboard painter working for the Coliseum theater circuit, poses next to his latest work.


  1. (theater) workers of the world, unite.

  2. these are great photos. thanks

  3. Ticket takers look happy, ticket sale men look unhappy and many of those owner or managers of movie theater did not look happy, do you think they are satisfy with their business?

  4. Business isn't really good at any of these places, which could account for the sullen faces. But generally, this is how people present themselves when photographed. Who knows, maybe the photographer's to blame.