Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gone hunting

Dear Readers,

It is with deepest regrets that I announce that the SEA Movie Theater Project will be in a state of dormancy for a while; probably for upwards of a month. Not being able to post for such a prolonged period will be difficult for me, I assure you, especially as the theater tally grows to new, ever more exciting heights in the meantime. That's right folks, the hiatus in posting is not without just cause. Once again my Acme-brand movie theater detector is picking up strong signals from the Isan region of Thailand. Live ones, at that! In fact, the gist of this project from here on out will be to extol the virtues of living theaters, rather than archive the deceased, ghoulishly provocative though the latter may be; because as a matter of contemporary culture, functioning theaters offer a far better picture of it than the abandoned ones do. Having said that, soon after Isan's sojourn the first leg of an exploratory mission will be made to a land where functioning stand-alone theaters are in abundance. So I implore you, in lieu of the long silence to come, to not forget about the SEA Movie Theater Project. A colorful future awaits it.

In the meantime, your continued contributions are encouraged. Anybody with movie theater photos from Southeast Asia who would like to submit them for publication on this site is more than welcome to do so. Queries and submissions can be sent to:

The Projectionist


  1. Great! It will be worth to wait!

  2. Can't wait for updates!