Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Rotjanasin Theater - Lom Sak, Petchaboon, Thailand

It’s hard to understate the importance of furniture to our daily lives. Sofas, wardrobes, mattresses – they all serve our comfort and organizational needs in the most practical, if not mundane of ways. The notion is unanimous: without the modern household luxuries of furniture, the world of man would be more akin to the world of cave man. But misfortune is upon us when movie theaters have to resort to storing the stuff instead of doing what they were built for.

The Rotjanasin Theater: a Lom Sak film den from 1966-1999

Ticket window, covered by sign, blocked off by furniture.

A wrap-around sofa stands in front of the ticket window

Below the auditorium, furniture abounds

Mr. Suwit, owner of the furniture warehouse that now occupies the former Rotjanasin Theater. Thanks to him, I was allowed to go in and take pictures.

Gutted and replaced by furniture

The little town of Lom Sak, perched way up in the steep mountains of northern Petchaboon province, used to have two movie theaters. Now there are none active. The Rotjansin Theater, as you can see from the photos, is stuffed to the gills with furniture. From a visitor's perspective, having a movie theater in a small town like Lom Sak would make all the difference. There would have been something to do there. At least the building survives as a reminder of past times.

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