Friday, January 15, 2010

The Nimit Theater - Phuket, Thailand

Imagine standing beside this old theater! You're loomed over. Compared to the narrow, row house-lined street over which it looms, it's a momument. City detritus to the umteenth power, titanic in proportion. Standing in its shadow like a pebble at mountain's foot, I think to myself that size really does matter. At least Mr. Nimit must have believed so. He also must have believed in the power of cinema, because he built the entire neighborhood in conjunction with his movie theater. Maybe the other way around.

Spidey on the wall.

It would have been nice to spend some more time documenting the Nimit Theater. It was beautiful. But dogs chased me away. You know how many times I've been attacked by dogs while doing this stuff?

Rising up over the neighborhood row houses: The Nimit Theater of Phuket town

All tallied, there are four remaining stand-alone theaters in the town of Phuket. The other three, even in all their historical pomp, lacked evidence of what they once were. Only the Nimid made the cut. There it is: big and bad and falling apart. If only big, bad theaters like this could have hung around to usher in the coming new era in movie exhibition.


  1. How could you do that Mr Philip, spin around Thailand and take nice photos and share with all of us?
    Who can do like you did so many great photos from many parts in Thailand. Do not you tired?
    I am sure you are tired because we are all waiting for your posted and can not wait even one day to read and see photos from your journey
    Love your story all about the movie theater

  2. Oops! from my last comment posted i mean "I am sure you are NOT tired because we are all waiting for your ..."

  3. Obsessive compulsive disorder drives me.