Monday, January 18, 2010

Former movie theater - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nothing too exciting here, but an anecdote worthy of record all the same. Ho Chi Minh City has lots of live theaters. To what this is attributable, I do not know. It's probably as simple as people like the performing arts. Maybe the Ministry of Culture promotes it. Whatever it is, this phenomenon has resulted in the recent conversion of this building from movie theater to live theater. A loss in kind which I'll mourn any day.

Movie ads still adorn the upper exterior this former movie theater despite its recent conversion to a play house.

Posters for live shows and a refuge

A slightly 1980's-style decor enlivens the lobby.

In spite of my personal preference for movies over plays, it was interesting all the same to see so many theaters dedicated to live performance throughout HCMC.

A local resident and movie theater sympathizer, Cherry (pictured above), very graciously guided us to this building, one of her former neighborhood raps.


  1. it is sad to lose a cinema, but at least this is a much happier repurposing than we've seen most often! i bet you can hear some great music there!!

  2. So true! Very pleased to see these spaces put to good used.