Friday, October 9, 2015

The Pata Theater - Yala, Thailand

Before the strife 
in southern deep
Movies shown 
and on the cheap

Picture houses 
grand and small
Brought great delight 
to one and all

Of three or four 
across this city
A brutal gem 
lurks in the nitty

Concrete bleak 
with retro fittings
A sight to see
 for the unwitting

To see this hall
one must enter
Into a zone
a bit off center

Market smells
of fallen rot
Waft through the air
to mar the spot

Rats with wings
perch on the wires
A blighted scene
to cull desires

In lobby filth
upon the ground
Unlucky man
upon is found

With habits etched
into his brain
Oh man! his actions
were insane

So much so
to not repeat
Just think, what might
one do with meat?

If not for man
oh slacken creeper
Venture in
we'd dig much deeper

But eerie sounds
and uncouth scents
Wicked sights
of people bent

Our gaze was stuck
upon facade
Without much luck
in land so odd

Yet old past glory
it must be stated
A noble story
to be related

Relate in photos
it must suffice
For Pata Theater
was once real nice

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