Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never cry wolf

A few days ago I posted a link to a Bangkok Post article which seemed to indicate that the charred remnants of the Siam Theater would be getting some renovation money from landlord Chulalongkorn University. Unfortunately that's not going to be happening. Apparently the entire section of Siam Square between sois 3 and 4 was known as Siam Theater. 270 million out of 1 billion baht will be used to renovate that particular area, but not the theater itself. A shopping mall will rise in its place. Such creative geniuses those Bangkok city planners are!

On a more inspirational note, here's a New York Times article about a city in India, Pondicherry, which has succeeded in preserving large sections of its old neighborhoods in the face of often careless redevelopment.


  1. SIAM THEATER - permanently gone...


    (Don't ask me,I have no more words to say...)

  2. For one brief moment the Post article had my hopes soaring.