Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update from the Capitol [Cinema]

Somebody has a sense of history, apparently. On a recent trip to Bangkok I happened to walk past Klong Thomland Market, former home of the Capitol Cinema, and to my pleasant surprise found a new sign bolted to the building's facade. "Capitol Plaza" its now called, an homage to its glory days as the Capitol Cinema. This tickled me in a fundamentally nerdy way, and caused a slightly touched grin to stretch across my mug.

New signage harkens back its days as the Capitol Cinema

Old sign with the name Klong Thomland

Built sometime in the 1930's, the Capitol Cinema was once a beloved movie institution in Bangkok's Chinatown. In the years surrounding World War Two, it served as one of the city's finest first-run theaters. About 10 years ago it was converted into an electronics retail center called Klong Thomland. Now it at least has its original name back.


  1. Some additional info...

    It's former life,as Capitol Cinema,became porno house in the last few years before its permanent closure 3-4 years ago.Then being converted into electronics market as of today about a couple of years ago.

  2. Thanks for the corrections, Nantawat.