Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sang Tawan Theater, Chiang Mai's sole survivor

When approaching the intersection of Chang Klan and Sri Donchai Roads, a sense of loss pervades. Here on the southeast corner of this busy intersection rests the colossal of Chiang Mai cinemas, rotting mercilessly.

Bound like a sedated hostage in the cheapness of billboards and advertisements, the sole surviving relic of Chiang Mai's movie-going glory days awaits an undetermined, likely grim fate.

The facade of the Sang Tawan Theater boasted of an intricate mosaic depicting Lanna culture. Now it's hidden from the public eye, only a corner visible.

The three-tiered lobby languishes unused except as a toilet for vagrants...

...while the toilet houses only dust and cobwebs...

...and a majestic staircase leads to an abandoned balcony.

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  1. On a side note, a former viewer just informed me that snakebites were fairly common among Sang Tawan movie goers, because the ground level was apparently on the ground. Is that true?