Monday, February 8, 2010

The SEA Theater Project turns a new leaf

With the SEA Theater Project approaching its one year anniversary, a new direction is in order. As your lone English-based representative of movie theater memorialization in peninsular Southeast Asia, I feel that I've hogged the spot-light for long enough. It's time to go public. From now on, anybody with photographs of stand-alone movie theaters from this part of the world can submit them for posting. It doesn't matter whether the photos are recent or old, or if the theater is still operating, converted, abandoned or demolished altogether. We want your theater photos for the public record. The idea is to create a forum where knowledge and opinions can be exchanged through the framework of the cinema.

One thing I will require, however, is a back story of one kind or another. You know, to add a little flavor to the photos. It can be written in one of the following forms:

  • a history of the theater (combined with broader local histories and events is also welcomed) .
  • an interview with somebody who had a connection to the theater (past or present owners, employees, patrons, neighbors, vandals, etc)
  • a personal experience or memory of the theater
  • a travel-log
  • something totally fictional, but nice to read (authenticity is appreciated, however).

Don't worry if you're not a native English speaker. In Southeast Asia most people are not native English speakers, but it's you locals who harbor most of the memories, so please don't let language hold you back. If you want, I will make modest grammatical corrections to your submission.

And spread the word! If you know anybody who might have some movie theater photos, encourage them to submit. They'll be doing a service for humanity.

All submissions can be sent to

We're looking forward to new perspectives from the fast fading world of Southeast Asia's stand-alone movie theaters.

The Projectionist


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