Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Amornpan Rama - Bangkok, Thailand

One day after officially opening the SEA Theater Project to outside contributions and a submission has already been made. This one comes from Bangkok resident, Peep. The two photos below depict the erstwhile Amornpan Rama in the Bang Kaen section of the Thai capitol.

The Amornpan Rama

This pic is of the Amornpan Rama at Kaset intersection, Bang Kaen, Bangkok.
It's behind the Amornpan Market on Paholyothin Road.
Opened - 1972 / Closed - early 2007
924 seats
Management by Mr. Kowit Tantiyawong and friends.

It has since been converted to a nightclub on the second floor with internet cafe on the ground floor.
Marquee was removed.

When it started in 1972 , the Amornpan Rama served as a second-class theater for many years. Before it closed it became a porn theater with 4 movies all days and the ticket price was 40 bahts for all seats.
Thanks very much for the contribution, Peep! The Amornpan Rama looks like it was a great old theater back in its day.

I'm hoping that photos and stories like this continue to come in, so spread the word to all your friends and family: The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project wants YOU!


  1. My wait is over. I grew up in the area and this cinema has been in my memories even though, I didn't really go there for the movies. The pictures look quite different from what I remembered it. But that was a long time ago.

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