Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Maharat Theater c. 1988 - Krabi, Thailand

This photo comes courtesy of Paul Wagner, who while traveling through Krabi town in 1988 became so enamored with the Maharat Theater's aesthetic that he whipped out the old camera and committed it to film. On the marquee, a movie called ปักหลักชน (Pak Lak Chon) is advertised. To the right of the entrance is a hand-painted billboard for a movie called รับจ้างตาย (Rap Jang Tai, or in English, Employ For Die) and to the left in lighted lettering it says ดุดุดุ (Du Du Du, "Rage").

My own theater expeditions never took me as far south as Krabi, so the current condition of the Maharat is a mystery to me. Chances are that it's died and gone to movie theater heaven, now that Major Cineplex has a branch in town. Dead or alive, it's no wonder Mr. Wagner felt inspired to take this photo. What a colorful sight!


  1. Sadly close now. The building is still there but it is abandoned.

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