Friday, January 16, 2015

Unnamed theater - Wang Nam Yen, Srakaew Province, Thailand

On an quiet residential street in the heart of Wang Nam Yen stands a structure that only natives of the sleepy mountain slope burg could identify as a former movie theater. Barely any evidence remains of its past life as place of leisure, nor could anybody seem to recall it ever even having a name.

Facade shot of the unnamed theater, Wang Nam Yen.

Of the scant known facts about the nameless theater's history - beyond the usual "it-was-the-greatest-place-in-town" laments - only one was of much interest: It was originally built by a retired soldier named Prasert Tridawas, probably in the early 1970's.

Also of note, the material used for the exterior walls is one-hundred percent gypsum panels, making this the only theater in Thailand I've ever encountered made of the pallid mineral. 

Mechanics tinker away in what was once an open-air lobby.

Auditorium shots: The only remaining evidence of its theater days are the ventilation windows on the upper side walls. Do note the elegant timber frame.

Facing the rear of the auditorium. The balcony has been boarded up to seal off the room.

Today the nameless theater of Wang Nam Yes serves as a garage and warehouse for an auto mechanic, its previous life as a movie theater is all but forgotten.


  1. The heck kind of car is that black convertible? An Aussie Ford perhaps?

    1. Forgot to note it down, but yes, some kind of Ford. I think I recall him saying it was an old police car.