Monday, January 5, 2015

The Wathana Rama - Wathana Nakorn District, Srakaew Province, Thailand

Contrary to popular belief, this work is not always a walk in the park. It seldom is, in fact. While interesting discoveries and positive interactions make all efforts worthwhile, there are other times when this work can leave you feeling fundamentally dejected. Like when you go to great lengths to track down such and such theater only to be casually dispensed with by a disinterested proprietor, or their lackey. No amount of reasoning on your part can gain their sympathy, until at last you find yourself shooed away like a common house fly.

Efforts to get information on the Wanthana Rama were in that vein. Instead of pressing the issue, I settled on a few lackluster shots of the theater's facade and pushed on. The only readily discernible data available is that the former theater has been retrofitted into a hotel called The Nakorn Inn.

Facade shot of the former Wathana Rama

Two eras worth of signage sit atop the former Wathana Rama, the lower of which is the original theater signage.

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