Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wiang Mai Theater - Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son,Thailand

Comatose would be a fair description of Mae Sariang, dangling on the edge of the Yuam River in Mae Hong Son province. I loved it all the same. Its small town charm belies a rich history. Of what, I don't know. A Thai-Burma trading depot of yesteryear, maybe? Whatever built this city I was happy to find one old theater in town. Wiang Mai roughly translates to "new town."

Apparently the place stopped showing films sometime in the mid to late 90's only to be reoccupied by the always-thrilling retail propane gas industry.

I think that's Jackie Chan in the top left corner.

Poster for Wong Jing's garbage "Return to a Better Tomorrow."

A rarity, the lobby walls covered with movie posters...and full of gas.

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