Monday, March 2, 2009

The Chom Tong Two

As the world plunges ever deeper into economic asphyxiation, the question beckons: why did the tiny district of Chom Tong, Chiang Mai once have two movie theaters? Was it because of its position at the crossroads of southern Chiang Mai province, providing enough of a viewership and strong enough economy to support the two? Perhaps it was something as simple as the town having a cinemaphile resident with enough capital to toot his own horn twice. Whatever the case may be, both the Chom Tong Rama and the Poonthawee Cinema cease to function as theaters anymore.

The Poonthawee Pappayon, opened in 1976 and closed in the late 80's.

he current owner of the Poonthawee Cinema uses it as a warehouse for his wholesale dry goods distribution business.

The Chom Tong Rama was the larger of the two. The current owners sell office and school supplies from the gutted theater.

The Chom Tong Rama - The new store is called "Parinya" which translates to "comprehension."

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