Thursday, March 1, 2018

Things to come from the #theaterhunt

The trip was grueling. In 23 days, 27 towns were visited. Some for no more than a few minutes. Or just long enough to learn that there were no theaters left to shoot.

Of all the predictions listed in my pre-departure post only a handful occurred. No run ins with raging ethno-nationalists, thankfully, nor any skin contact with scalding tailpipes. I was sidelined by a case of the green-apple quickstep for a spell, but it couldn't have come at a more convenient time. Namely, while sucking up the largess of my old alma mater at a comfortable Mandalay hotel.

The theater tally has yet to be tallied, but I suspect it's somewhere in the range of 27 theaters, give or take. A few were repeats. Most were never before seen. Among the batch are some outright gems. Hopefully my photography will do them justice.

As I sort, edit and delete my way through this batch of images, the 2018 Myanmar Theater Survey motherload, I leave you with a preview of things to come. 

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