Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Movie Theaters of Thailand photo portfolio

The Movie Theaters of Thailand limited edition photo portfolio is going fast. Since being printing over one year ago, 32 out of the total run of 35 have been sold. I am down to my final 3.

All 20 images laid out.

To speak of mass entertainment during the 20th century is to speak of film, and the place to see films was in stand-alone movie theaters. This fact was no different in Thailand. Throughout the 20th century, Thai entrepreneurs constructed over 700 of these leisure palaces nationwide. Today there are less than 10 still in operation.

This collection is limited to 35 handcrafted sets which are available for $300US each (shipping and handling included). Every set comes in a handmade box with a hinged flip top. The front cover features gold leaf inlaid text, along with the Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project banner photo. Inside are 20 images (that works out to less than $15 dollars per image) printed on A4 size handmade Mulberry paper, and produced right here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Each set is signed and numbered to ensure authenticity.

This sleek portfolio set can be neatly inserted among oversized books on a shelf, or laid flat on a coffee table. Otherwise, decorate a room by individually framing your favorite theater images.


Some of these photos have been featured in exhibitions across Asia. Others have never before been seen.

Keep in mind that only 35 of these portfolios will ever be printed, making them extremely collectible. Your purchase, moreover, will go directly to support further documentation of the stand-alone movie theaters of Southeast Asia. And believe me when I tell you that time is running out!

Many thanks for your support,

Phil Jablon


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