Sunday, August 9, 2015

Own an authentic piece of Thai movie theater history

Ladies and gentleman, last month I salvaged several books worth of original movie tickets from the Scala Theater in the town of Punpin, Surathani Province, in southern Thailand.

The tickets, which are all hand-stamp dated January 14th, 1988, were discovered in a dust covered cardboard box in what was once the projection booth of the now abandoned movie theater. Miraculously, they are in mint condition, as if they had been carefully stored in a climate controlled vault for the past 27 years. Had I not grabbed them, they would almost certainly have been thrown in the garbage at some point down the line.

For a small donation of $6 dollars, you can have one of these great little keepsakes mailed directly to your home. Each ticket will be mailed in a durable plastic slip, which will also allow you to display the ticket handsomely should you choose to do so.

Thai movie theaters do not print tickets like this anymore. Nowadays, all movie tickets in Thailand have a generic, computer generated look. The tickets being offered here, however, feature the beautiful logo of the Scala Theater, along with the 10 baht ticket price, address of the theater, serial number and - as mentioned above - the hand-stamped date of January 14th, 1988

Your $6 dollar donation will not only buy you a great memento, it will directly support the continued documentation of stand-alone movie theaters in Southeast Asia. In fact, $6 dollars can very easily afford a bus ticket to a town where there may be a forgotten stand-alone movie theater that has never been properly documented.

To make the purchase, just click the "Pay Now" button below.

ATTENTION:  These are not active tickets. They will not get you into see a movie. The theater that they are from is abandoned. They are authentic tickets from the 1980's

Also, this is not the same Scala Theater in Bangkok. There is no affiliation beyond the name. 

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