Friday, November 5, 2010

The Grand Cinema - Meiktila, Mandalay Division, Myanmar

The Grand


A plaster relief symbol adorns the facade above the door. Its significance, if any, was unknown.

View from the side. Notice it's corrugated tin roof - a common feature of Myanmar's older movie theaters.

Waiting near the concessions.


The four maidens on the left were all extremely camera shy. Their pivoted position was an attempt at avoiding being photographed. In all the other photos I took, they turned completely around as if they were examining the movie posters above.

"Myo Myin Yo-shin Yon"

The social and cultural importance that the Grand Cinema holds for Meiktila is all apparent. It quite literally stands at the commercial center of town. Surrounding it are various tea shops and restaurants, including one that serves sheep brain.

About a half hour before showtime, Burmese pop music is played over speakers mounted on the theater, adding a carnival-like atmosphere to the town's commercial heart. As the crowds wandered in, beckoned by the audible delights, all I could think of was that this was the temple of film sending out its call to prayer.

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