Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Solid as a brick

A few days back I was contacted by reader and past contributor to the SEA Movie Theater Project, Randy Roberts. The 7th Street Theater in Randy's home town of Hoquiam, Washington has been undergoing a full-scale restoration, bringing it back to its original palatial form. A portion of the restoration funds have been raised through the sale of inscribed bricks to be laid in the sidewalk in front of the theater. Being a fan of the 7th Street, Randy contributed to the effort by purchasing a brick of his own, only instead of inscribing it with his own name, he had it made out to the Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project, web address and all.

Facade of the 7th Street Theater, Hoquiam, Washinton

Interior of the 7th Street Theater

Screen and proscenium

On the top center brick in the above photo you can see the inscription THE SOUTHEAST ASIA MOVIE THEATER PROJECT @ SEATHEATER.BLOGSPOT

Not only is the inscription a humbling gesture, but the entire effort is testament to the power of an active community. To Randy Roberts and all the people of Hoquiam who helped resurrect 7th Street Theater, my hat goes off to you.

Remember to support you local stand-alone theater!


  1. Sugoi! Congrats guys! The places are both beautiful!

  2. Thank YOU! And thanks to my friend and coworker Randy for taking the time to do this. You've got an excellent record here.

    Mickey Thurman
    7th Street Theatre

  3. That's my hometown theatre! I feel like I practically grew up in that building. It's a small price to pay to be a part of something large and cherished.

    -Billy, ex-Hoquiamite

  4. Phil, Great post! Mickey excitedly told me at work of the post after she'd been copied on email link vis-a-vis, the 7th St Theater. You are creating/ have created a marvelous and inspirational resource/ archive. Thank you from all of us, your readers!
    Randy Roberts

  5. Thank you, Randy. Excellent work bringing life to the old theater.

  6. Phil, Mickey's thanks to me in her comment must be for my involving you and your blog in the 7th St project by means of the SEA Theater Pjt. brick. I'd introduced her to your blog as soon as I found it. The SEA Theater Pjt. brick seemed a fitting way to connect these two great efforts on opposite sides of the world; one conserving, one documenting these cultural treasures. Yours because of my time serving in Thailand in the USAF and the 7th St. because it is a special part of life here.
    Like many others I bought a brick in support of the theater. That's about as far as my contribution went.
    The hats MUST come off to Mickey and all the volunteers that labored for years to restore the 7th Street Theater. I encourage every one to tour this Grande Movie Palace by means of the 7th St Flickr acct through the 7th St Theater link in this post.
    I hope you both inspire others to dream, to dare, to do! Bravo to you all!!!!

  7. That's fresh!

  8. So beautiful. It makes me want to cry.