Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Lopburi Theater - Lopburi, Thailand

Here's my third and final installment from the city of Lopburi, a 1970's behemoth aptly named the Lopburi Theater. There were few people around to provide any data on this one, aside from a probabal date of birth some time in the early 1970's, during Thailand's nationwide movie theater construction boom.

Like the Thahan Bok Theater detailed in the October 19th post, the Lopburi Theater is located just off the Sra Kaew traffic circle, though not nearly as prominently situated as the former.

The surrounding buildings, consisting mostly of three-story row houses with retail space on the ground level, look as if they were all built around the same time. In addition to the uniform look of the buildings, there were just enough stray dogs and vacant store-fronts to give the area a dead feel. I can't say I hung around too long.

Classic free-standing letters upheld by about three meters worth of metal supports.

At least the place sees some action. The old Lopburi Theater can be rented out for banquets, concerts, weddings, seminars and other events generally inferior to showing movies.

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