Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hong Rama Theater - Sukhothai, Thailand

Not a lot of information on the Hong Rama, here. It closed down in 2008 and was Sukhothai city's largest ever movie theater, I know that. Visually, it was quite a dramatic structure standing at this intersection in the center of town. Beyond that, I wasn't able to get much data.


Vendor stalls in front of the old theater

The old ticket booth, where tickets cost an affordable 30 baht. The Hong Rama is now used to store products for a wedding planning company.

Lobby, with stairs leading to the balcony

I didn't spend too much time in Sukhothai, but just enough to get the feeling that this city has seen better days. A hint of slow decay was in the air, and not just because the city's last movie theater has gone derelict. The locals were marked by a sort of collective torpor, the kind that begins to set in when things take a turn for the worse. Imagine being surrounded by zombies, only instead of trying to eat your brains, they want send you to the historic ruins of ancient Sukhothai, the former Siamese capital. That what Sukhothai was like. It was really annoying. I had no patience to try to dig up some history on the Hong Rama that day. But to be sure, it was once a nice, big movie theater.

Street scape context


  1. fuck sake.
    i live near that
    im so annoyed
    where the hell and i supposed to watch new moon now?
    i cant find it online
    and im so fed up
    do you know of any movie theatres
    anywhere in thailand
    idk where
    i will drive there
    or get a bloodey jet

  2. oh
    to let me know
    if you do or not