Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vintage photos of the Amporn and Chao Phraya theaters - Udonthani, Thailand

Ladies and gentlemen, the Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project proudly presents a new batch of dazzling vintage movie theater photos. These images come courtesy of Mr. Atitep Kayoum, an Udonthani native and movie enthusiast who upon seeing Craig Campen's photo submissions (see two posts prior), dug deep into his own collection to bring us these snapshops from his childhood. Behold Atitep Kayoum's vintage photos of the Amporn and Chao Phraya theaters,

The Amporn then (circa 1990/91)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade playing at the Amporn Theater.

Jackie Chan and Andy Lau starring in Island on Fire, the Thai name of which is Big Vs. Big, at the Amporn Theater.

Gotta love those hand-painted advertisements

The Amporn now circa 2009

(Above photo courtesy of the Projectionist)


The Chao Phraya Theater (RIP 2009)

The Chao Phraya Theater showing Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

Jackie Chan in what I believe is Fearless Hyeana 2, playing at the Chao Phraya Theater

Posters for War Hero (Wiraburut Songkram) and First Time (Krang Raek)

Interior of the Chao Phraya


A very nice collection of photos from Khun Atitep Kayoum, of Udonthani, Thailand. Thanks very much for these photos. They're of great historical value! Again, I encourage others out there to send along their old movie theater photos from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma or elsewhere in this corner of the world. You will be helping to preserve a legacy which is quickly being forgotten.

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  1. thanks to khun atitep! that andy lau vs. jackie chan poster is incredible!