Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Jan Theater and Snooker Hall - Bangkok, Thailand

The Jan is one of the rare stand-alone movie theaters in Thailand that was built with dual functions - theater and snooker hall. It stands in a small soi, just behind a Caltex gas station off of Jan Road - another vestigial theater in the Sathon area of town. I didn't get any info aside from that, so I'll hold off on the conjectures.

This Caltex station also has a car wash in it. It employs a good dozen people.

Old marquee, rusting away.

Another old sign for the Jan Theater and Snooker, this one hanging over Jan Road.

This little boy's mother, a car wash employee, urged me to take his photo. A crowd gathered around, cajoling him to crack a smile for the the camera. Moments later he burst into tears.

Veranda of the Jan Theater.

Ticket booth. The sign above says "Happy New Year 2547," five years ago and probably the final year of the theater.

"Next Program" and "Now Showing"

Movie poster for the disturbing, yet enjoyable Ebola Syndrome, starring Anthony Wong.

"The 18 Miniatures"

Something starring Tony Leung Ka Fai

"The Isan Fighter"

A spirit house stands in front of the old Jan Theater in this alley perspective.

The snooker hall of the old Jan Theater and Snooker continues to function, but the theater itself has been exiled to history.


  1. I passed by Bangkok's Washington Theatre last night and noticed the Mambo cabaret is no longer operating.

    There is a sports bar on the ground floor but there are no longer audiences being bused in to watch transvestite performers in the space where moviegoers once gathered to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

    A major portion of the building is disused, turning to dust and becoming a home for the many rats that inhabit the neighborhood.

    And so passes another era for one of Bangkok's still-standing single-screen cinemas. How much longer will the sports bar and Washington Square itself survive before pressure by developers becomes too great and the block is turned into a flash new condo or shopping mall?

  2. Condo-schmondo! The widespread popularity of the Movie Theater Project is rapidly infusing Thai society with nostalgic revelry and an eye towards pop-cultural preservation. Soon the owner of the Washington will realize the intrinsic value of his old theater. Its only a matter of time before that old projector starts turning again.

  3. Ebola Syndrome!--VMM